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Relaxing into Real Life Radio Fun

Voice Over Talents almost always have a background that includes music, improv, broadcast, and/or stage/TV/film acting.  In my case…well, I guess it’s all of the above! After 15 years in full-time radio, I left to focus on voiceovers (well, there were other reasons, but let’s just leave it at that for now) and when I look back – as with any relationship – I mostly remember the fun times.

Real Life Survival Guide Radio

Real Life Survival Guide Radio

Recently, I had the chance to visit with Bruce Barber, Duo Dickenson, and three other bright, talented funny guests (including Jaki Valensi-Lauper of Jaki’s Buzz)for my second appearance on the Real Life Survival Guide Radio show.  Bruce is a former “morning radio” guy who has recreated the fun of that atmosphere with this show that addresses, well, real life stuff with different guests each week. Plus, we get to meet in awesome restaurants and chat while solving life’s little problems – or at least laughing about them.

For this hour, I get to return to the relaxation of my own morning radio days  – without having to stop for music! So, you won’t hear my usual careful articulation, etc. You might even hear a hint of my New York roots here. This is improv radio – and boy I really miss that sometimes!

We had a blast. Hope you enjoy listening as we pick apart those little “holiday issues”  this time of year. Plus, we ate awesome pancakes!

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Radio to VO: Not the Kiss of Death!

Oh, no – never say you were in radio if you want to be hired as a voice talent!

Have you heard that? I know I did when I left full-time radio six years ago. Sure, I was a working voice talent before I became an on-air personality. OK, so I began my career as an actress and singer before ever stepping into a whisper room. Still – that was the advice when I left: Hide your years as a radio personality!

Randye Kaye WEZN

back in the days of carts!

Well, I officially disagree. Sorry, but I’ve never been one to follow advice without question (hence my departure from corporate radio, but that’s another story).

So – here are seven things I learned from my years in radio that actually have made me a better voice talent. So there. Continue reading


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