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VoiceOver Copy: Your High School Play, on Speed

There are a lot of surprises for aspiring voice talents who cross my path either as a student via Edge Studio, or just at, say, a party. You know, the ones with “such a nice voice” who need to read Dave Courvoisier’s book ( or any of the other amazing resources I blogged about a few months ago).

The first reality check is, of course, the need to treat this like the business it is. There has been a lot written about that, so again I refer you to those who have busted this myth in their amazing blogs and books. (Derek Chappell, our blog curator, and John Florian, Voiceover Xtra guru, are more great places to start).

The second big myth to bust – and equally as important to know – is that this not a business of “reading in a pretty voice.”  This is a business of communication – and, often (or always), a business of acting.  Maybe there is really no difference – but, whatever you call it, you’ve got to know the story you are telling!

Remember that high school play you were in? Or summer camp? College? Community or Professional Theatre? hs playThink back….whatever role you had, there was a process to follow to get the story from page to stage.  Here’s what probably happened, and what it has to do with voiceover reads.

The Theatre Process, and Voiceovers

1 – Casting. yeah, that.

2 – The cast assembled to do a full read-through of the script. This way, everyone knew the whole story, where it was going, what the overall gestalt and tone of the story was. (Voiceover equivalent: Read through the script – or at least skim the longer ones – before you press record. See what it’s about, where it’s going) Continue reading

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Why I Hired My Plumber: How’s Your Voice-Over Business?

Our water heater died last week. Sniff. Not only that, it was kinda leaking everywhere. After two days of hoping my husband’s efforts with the wet-vac would buy us some time (ha!), I knew I had to call in an expert.


What Does This Profession Tell Us About VO?

So what to do? Audition plumbers? Post a project and consider dozens of prospective plumbers? Yikes. What a pain that would be!

Nope. I did what most of our voice-over clients want to do: Hire someone they trust to do the job professionally, reliably, skillfully – to their satisfaction.

The Odds: Auditioning vs. Marketing

Yep. I firmly believe that many of my VO clients and prospective clients never even listen to a good portion of the auditions they receive.  Would you? Just go to voices.com or voicebank.net and put yourself in the client’s shoes.  Listen to some demos, even the top-rated ones. How quickly have you had enough? Continue reading


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The Scenery’s Great Along the Extra Mile

So. I took the risk. Had to be in Las Vegas for a couple of days (mostly weekend, plus one Friday), alerted all my fast-turnover clients, and hit the road without travel recording gear. C’mon, it was a family wedding!

Well, wouldn’t you know it. One client who’d said all was well suddenly needed a revision in one paragraph.  And, even tho I love my travel mic, the sound needed to match my home studio as closely as possible. So even if I’d packed it, I’d need to get to a Neumann anyway.

Sigh. What to do?

Vegas Backyard with CourVO

Vegas Backyard with CourVO

CourVO to the rescue! Thanks to the generosity of the wonderful Dave Courvoisier,  (and the fact that my husband and I had a rental car, whew) I was able to go the extra mile for this client (well, technically for my client’s client…) and get the revised file to her in time to make us all look good.

See, when you go that extra mile…when ever you can…sure, the end destination is a bit further away. However, the arrival is that much sweeter for the extended journey – and, if you’re lucky, you will see some awesome new scenery along the way!

For us, here’s what we got as a bonus for pleasing that client: Continue reading

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