Sharing Voiceover Secrets: Why We Give Back

Wow! Just got named to voice123’s Survey of Top 5 Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011 ! There are more than 5 of us on the list, in no particular order, so I guess there were lots of answers! At any rate, what an honor – especially since I just write about voice-over on the following schedule: “when I feel like it.”

If you follow the links to any of the amazing voice talents on the list, you’ll find a wealth of information, for free, in an abundance unlike any other profession I know of. One of my favorite things about this voiceover community is that we help each other, that we share our hard-earned knowledge. Why? Maybe we’re lonely in our home studios, and need to feel that connection. Maybe we become better voice talents by organizing and communicating what we know. Maybe we like seeing our name in print. Maybe we’re just really nice people, who get pleasure from helping others.

In any event, I know I am a much better voice talent and business owner because of every name on this list – and a better person for knowing them! Thanks guys.

You can find some of my VoiceoverXtra articles here:

VoiceoverXtra Articles by Randye

And if you have found my writing helpful, my thanks for saying so! – and, of course, for reading my words in the first place. That’s why we do it. Without a listener, why talk? (hmmm, in fact, a great thing to keep in mind as we voice copy, too…next article….)



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2 responses to “Sharing Voiceover Secrets: Why We Give Back

  1. Randye,

    I’m only surprised by one name on the list of “Top 5 Most Influential Voice-Over Writers in 2011”: mine. The fact that you’re included is a no-brainer. I’ve learned loads from your posts, and I always look forward to your updates.

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