Social Media and the Voice Talent

OK, time to cave. Really! Just recorded a job for a client who might have forgotten about me if not for my newsletter updates. My audiobook producer found me on Twitter. I have clients overseas who learned about me on LinkedIn.

Tomorrow night I will teach a marketing tele-class for Edge Studio for beginners on VO and Social Media – and in the past few months have found there’s been so much more to learn! so have signed up for a series of Webinar recordings (well the last one is live today, but I’ll be on the air) from Trish Basanyi, Terry Daniel, Dave Courvoisier – all social media gurus – you can do it too right here !



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3 responses to “Social Media and the Voice Talent

  1. adpraisal

    Ingenious use of social media- I too am hoping social media might help me get a job!

  2. I have just connected my on line voice over business with with my social media sites. And, just as Randye has suggested, I have already gotten responses through facebook. It is easy to do and has made a difference already! Thanks Randye for the idea.

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