Fun with telephony

Got to voice an awesome telephone on-hold system today…so, um, human.  Instead of “Your call is important to us”, the copy read “OK, I know you didn’t call us because you want to be put on hold, but since out awesome reps are all busy right now, we’ve got a bunch of fun facts you can use to amaze your friends. Ready? Here we go!”

Well, if you gotta be on hold at least there was some empathy, right? Every little bit helps. Ah, short sentences, contractions…so easy to bring those words to life! Fun job.



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2 responses to “Fun with telephony

  1. I love it when writers get creative like that! It really makes waiting on hold a bit less frustrating. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Randye!

  2. and thanks for commenting, Dave! (yay, someone found my blog!)
    look forward to working with you soon – Randye

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