Voice Talents, Live and in Person

Voicing a website narration in your pajamas (does anyone really do that? I have to be dressed to work – if you count t-shirt and shorts as dressed): great. Meeting people online who also get paid to talk (well…to communicate): really helpful. Connecting with these online friends and new VO talents, for real, in person?: priceless. (Is that cliché overused by now? Probably, but oh well. Blame the jet lag)

Immeasurable kudos to Amy Snively for not only dreaming this up – but making it happen.  Gratitude and love to all the Faffcon Founders (if we do say so ourselves –  self-named, but that’s what faffcon was about!) for sharing, teaching, learning, contributing, risking – and reminding me how much fun this business can be, because of its people.

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Many of us began as voice talents back in the day – um, like five years ago? – when most of us had to actually show up in person to record a project. The commute was long, but the laughter usually made it worth it.  Only the promo guys seemed to have an expensive home studio complete with whisper room and ISDN. I don’t need to remind you how things have changed, with all the pros and cons that come with it.

But – I will say this – when you’ve spent all day voicing, editing, e-mailing, and communicating from your home studio – all the skyping in the world can’t replace face-to-face contact.  So if you get the chance to connect in person, grab it. Or at least remember that lots of us are out there doing the same thing – if we’re lucky. 

Once you’ve connected in person – that cements the friendship. I really like my online pals, and now I love the faffcon folks I learned from, shared skills with, and laughed with all weekend long in Portland Oregon. Yeah, Priceless. It’s a cliché for a reason. Kudos and love to you all!

And I even won a door prize!


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