A social media day

OK, even the busiest of VO talents has a slow day – and that’s the time to get to all the marketing stuff you’ve been meaning to accomplish.  Is a day spent putting together a YouTube video to help voiceover newbies a wasted day? I don’t think so. What about checking for any videos on YouTube that use my voice or even my face?  Found quite a few. Sure has been an educational day…and how it flies by.  Like serving  ping-pong balls…many of them.  Some will come back, some will not.  But usually, for no reason I can trace logically, after a couple of days spent marketing and/or social marketing like this, work comes rolling in. Hmmm…and I also actually cooked dinner.  Won’t my family be shocked! 


Waiting for a couple of my overseas clients to wake up and send me the scripts for my VO…so the day will also include some voiceover work.  Eventually!


By the way, the links to some videos are on my facebook fan page, voiceover by Randye Kaye.  or, just search for me on YouTube. Comments welcome!

two great resources for us: www.socialmediavo.com (for info) and www.media=convert.com (for converting one type of video file to another)


oops, dinner’s burning! that’s why I’m an actress and not a cook.


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